Yokal The Atrocious
General Information
Real name: Yokal The Atrocius
First Appearance: Green Lantern #2 (September,1960)
Created by: John Broome
Gil Kane
Affiliations: Weaponers of Qward
Abilities: Expert Combatant
Portrayed by: TBA



Yokal The Atrocius was an inhabitant of the Anti-Matter Universe world of Qward where he became the founder of the feared Weaponers of Qward. The Qwardians had never been united previously since the reign of the Anti-Monitor and the establishment of the Weaponers was the first time that the race was ruled by a single leader. Declaring himself Chief Weaponer, he became the highest authority on his homeworld and at one point attempted to secure his rule by toppling,the fabled Golden Obelisk of Qward. To accomplish this feat, he brought a number of massive gargantuan wild beasts from other worlds and chained them to the obelisk with the intention of pulling the mighty edifices down. However, the great pull of the beasts broke their chains leading to a stampede which killed many Qwardians, that had assembled to see the fall of the Golden Obelisk which remained undamaged.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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  • Leadership
  • Swordmanship
  • Expert Combatant
  • Weapon Master
  • Tactical Analysis



In Other MediaEdit

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