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Green Lantern Roller Coaster InformationEdit

Hi Wdlkey I have no problem with you adding information on the Green Lantern Roller Coaster to the site but instead of actually creating a whole page for it I'm going to have the information reside in on Green Lantern (Movie) page since the Roller Coaster is a tie into the movie. I recently added a Marketing Section to the Green Lantern (Movie) page with a sub section called Roller Coaster in that section you can add the information you want on the Green Lantern Roller Coaster. Once you go to the movie page you will see were the section is hope this helps with what you want with adding the Green Lantern Roller Coaster Information. Oh well talk to you later and also before I forget just a future reference don't add message to the my archive pages or edit them there only for old messages not for new ones. All new message go on my main talk page and don't worry your not in trouble at all for doing that this a reminder for next time not to do it.

From Rod12

Hi Wdlkey glad to hear you did more research regarding the Green Lantern Roller Coaster Information so the information about this promotion can be expanded. As for making it is own page I'm still not confident in that idea I currently still perfer if you have more information about this certain promotion just still added it to Green Lantern Roller Coaster Sub Section of the Marketing Section of the Green Lantern (Movie) page. I thank you for asking me about the idea before you did anything.

From Rod12

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