RR Green Lantern

Excited about the upcoming movie. Prepare to be more excited as we finally get to see Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan fly in this new clip, "Welcome to Oa," that was just released.

In this clip, we see Oa for the first time. The Green Lantern Corps are based in Oa. Hal Jordan is skeptical about flying for the first time when he is instructed to just go ahead and do so. He leaps off the edge dramatically and at first seems to be plummeting towards the earth when out of no where the sky starts to streak green and he is seen soaring through the skies.

What do you think of this new clip? Does it make you more excited for the film or is it exactly what you expected from the film? How are the special effects looking so far in the trailers and clips that have been released? I think they look pretty good. How about you?

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