Green Lantern Featurette
Yesterday, it was mentioned that reviews have been put on hold and that things may have not been looking as good for the upcoming movie. Well today, we are back to provide some more positive news. We now have a new featurette (courtesty of Screenrant) and TV spot which presents new effects and footage from the film.

The new footage features a much crisper, cleaner image than previously had been presented. It also does a good job of calming the storm as the end of the footage features many media outlets singing the praises of the film.

After viewing the new footage, I'm entirely convinced that the film is going to be tremendously fun and entertaining. I think Ryan Reynolds is definitely going to make a very compelling Green Lantern and I can't wait until this weekend to go and see the film.

Also, don't forget to enter Wikia's Green Lantern Contest HERE!


GREEN LANTERN - Becoming a Green Lantern Featurette03:49

GREEN LANTERN - Becoming a Green Lantern Featurette


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