• Rod12

    Green Lantern Animated Pages that need to be Created for The Site.

    • Hal Jordan (The Batman)
    • Sinestro (The Batman)
    • John Stewart (Static Shock)
    • Guardians of the Universe (Justice League Unlimited)
    • Green Lantern Corps (Justice League Unlimited)
    • Guardians of the Universe (Superman: The Animated Series)
    • Green Lantern Corps (Superman: The Animated Series)
    • Green Lantern Corps (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Hal Jordan (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Sinestro (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Kilowog (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Tomar-Re (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Boodikka (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Arisia (Green Lantern: First Flight)
    • Guardians of the Universe (Justice League: The New Frontier)
    • Hal Jordan (Justice League: The New Frontier)
    • Hal Jordan (Justice Leagu…

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  • Rod12

    A General Message to all new and old Editors of The Green Lantern Wiki Site there are several Comic Book Wiki Sites are in major need of help by simply needing editors come to there sites and help out and build up the certain site.

    Green Lantern Wiki Staff Member User:Darth Batrus has Wiki Site for Marvel Comics The X-Men that is need of editors to come and visit the site to simply help out and build up the site by doing general editing work. The Wiki Site Link is here if anyone is interested in visiting the site to possible help out.

    Green Lantern Wiki Editor User:BlindmelonKen recently became admin of a New Wiki Site he adopted for Green Lantern: The Animated Series and he is need of help of edi…

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  • Rod12

    Hi Green Lantern Wiki Editer with the Green Lantern Comic Book Issues that have been created for the Site here from the the three DC Comics Monthly Series Green Lantern (Volume 4), Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors (Volume 1) there is a long list of all three series that have Issues with no Issue Synopsis or also known as Summary. If you are interested in possibly writing a Comic Book Issue Synopsis from any of the Issues on the list below please let me know what you choose. The only requirements for writing for a Comic Book Issue Synopsis is just make it as long and detailed as possible. Also you just have to add the comic book issue synopsis to the comic book issue page synopsis section you don't have to …

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