Hello, my name I'm Regular Guy, known to my friends as RG or Punch n' Sketch. I'm the founder of the newly created Green Lantern: The Animated Series Wiki. Recently, the show continued airing brand new episode and with this we are behind a large amount mostly due to the wiki's late start.

As a passionate fan of both GLTAS and GL itself, I ask if any of you could spare the time and effort to atleast browse or contribute to our wiki. Rod12 was nice enough to affiliate this site with ours, cheers to him btw, though we still need a little bit more exposure. This is simply a welcoming offer, rather then a begging offer as some blog like this present themselves. Our wiki has received attention by a kind few users and the admins over by the Young Justice Wiki too, cheers to them to.

I learned on Community Central once that the path to creating a successful wiki was through various methods, one of them being promotion. As we continue to develop our wiki, I ask if anyone who likes GL, GLTAS, or DC Comics in general come and browse or contribute to our site. Thanks to Rod12, once again.

Join the Corps!

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