hey guys, im new to the whole green lantern thing, i have only recently began to understand what green lantern is

or at least my interpretation of it

so i am starting off with secret origins, and ending with blackest night

is there any necessary reading, or background stories

any other cool story arcs

team ups beetween golden age lantern and modern would be really nice

I am really loving these characters so far, but i got some complaints

one complaint, there doesnt seem to be enough villians . . . there seems to be a taboo against creating new villians in the comic industry and it feels like green lantern is suffering the most from that, which is odd because green lantern should have the most villain potential in my opinion

most of the antagonists seem to be lantern-like in nature and that is a little bit silly to me

plus the origin of alot of characters can be connected and that diminishes the uniqueness

i mean, the manhunters whiped out sector 666, thesurivivors predicted the blackest night, this brought abin sur and atrcitus to earth, which in turn created hammond in his current form, which created other villians, also atrocitus basically created black hand, and all that helped contribute to sinestros downfall, and then the red lanterns were created

to many connections, and to me that is unsettling, makes sense in some ways, but it is still unsettling

please dont take that as any hate, it really isnt its more of an observation

so back on topic

necessary reading to be a true green lantern fan?

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