• Ralok

    Go back and watch the Justice League animated series episode "Hearts and Minds"

    I firmly believe this to be the inspiration for the white entity of life

    in the episode Despero is harnessing a white energy from the heart of his world firmly linked to the life upon the world

    at the end the martian manhunter becomes the embodiment of the light

    OKAY OKAY OKAY the light is purplish . . .

    but it is mostly white

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  • Ralok

    black entity

    November 22, 2010 by Ralok

    so all of the lights of the spectrum have an entity?

    i hear the black is is william hand, but i am reading stuff, and he doesnt fit the description at all

    in fact, the being that fits that description is nekron

    black hand seems to be more like hal jordans embodiment of parallax

    if it aint that way, at the very least it seems like it should be that way

    i hope its that way in the upcoming animated series, that is if they ever get to the black lanterns

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  • Ralok

    New to green lantern

    November 21, 2010 by Ralok

    hey guys, im new to the whole green lantern thing, i have only recently began to understand what green lantern is

    or at least my interpretation of it

    so i am starting off with secret origins, and ending with blackest night

    is there any necessary reading, or background stories

    any other cool story arcs

    team ups beetween golden age lantern and modern would be really nice

    I am really loving these characters so far, but i got some complaints

    one complaint, there doesnt seem to be enough villians . . . there seems to be a taboo against creating new villians in the comic industry and it feels like green lantern is suffering the most from that, which is odd because green lantern should have the most villain potential in my opinion

    most of the antagonists…

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