Welcome to my Green Lantern misson launch! Here you will be sent on missions several times. Sign up for my green lantern corps and you will go on missions, train, and on my talk page you can socialize with other lanterns.

On missoins there will be four (or more) on a mission at a time. I will type what happens on the mission. Same with the training and you can get a higher rank. If your lantern gets eliminated during a mission you can always can make another one and if you want...the same one again. If your lantern gets hurt they will be fixed up within a day. You can have up to three lanterns at once. If you want your lantern to be friends or enemies with a certain lantern just ask in the comments. If you want to go on a mission do the same thing. And always remember good luck out there.

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, those who worship evils might,

beware my power green lantern's light!

Green and Yellow lanterns for mission one

Name Sector Homeworld Species Color

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