Not exactly involving Green Lantern but, they're doing an Earth 2 series, so I would love to see an Earth 3 series focused on the Crime Syndicate of America that shows how they became the dark reflections of the Justice League that they are. This would give Power Ring some more focus.

Also, there's Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps as well as Red Lanterns so why not Star Sapphires, Blue Lanterns, Indigo Tribe, Orange Lanterns, Sinestro Corps? Even if they were just mini series I would love to see each Corps have their own titles providing they have good stories which in my opinion wouldn't be too hard to come up with.


There are thousands of Green Lantern characters and I'm not even going to pretend that I know them all but here are a couple I'd like to see or see play a bigger role.

  • Kryb and Karu-Sil - Such creepy members of the Sinestro Corps, would love to see them both turn up again. Karu-Sil has appeared but I'd like her to have a bigger role.
  • Sister Sercy - Purely because she hasn't really had a big role, I'd like to see more of her. I'd also like to see more of Warth but he has appeared in the New 52 already.
  • Emotional Embodiments - I just really like the concepts and designs so want to see more of them.


The Spider Guild could make a comeback as well as the teams related to the titles I would like to see where they would play a bigger role in their own titles.

What do you think about any of my ideas here? What would you like to see in the New 52 related to Green Lantern?

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