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Cid Jacobs
Real name: Cid Jacobs
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Second Life #1

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Cid Jacobs

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Green Lantern Corps - Second Life


Green Lantern Power Ring


Space Sector 1985

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Becoming a Green LanternEdit

A bright young F'enrikian by the name of Cid Jacobs ploughed the field near his parents home. Cyguar was just now setting on the horizon. Cid was very happy that the Kirn was past. He loathed that the people of the village believed such nonsense as death eaters attacking when Cyguar was blind. He was also not very happy that he was a farmer. He had been a very strange man, constantly visiting the village's monsignor to read his limited supply of books. Cid had resigned himself to believing that even if he could not do anything to save the people from the dark clouds of superstition, he would at least become a monsignor of the church and be allowed to read as much as he pleased. Unfortunately, the monsignor, although he took a liking to the young man, believed his faith was not in the right place for service to the church. This had been a crushing blow to Cid's ego.
As he was leaving the monsignor's home after a long night of reading, he noticed in the distance a faint light. It was near the river, looked to be near the fulling mill. It was the fulling mill, it had caught fire. Cid quickly made his way through the side door into the mill. He had not realized, in the darkness, the mill owner had already escaped from the building. As Cid searched for the entrance to the man's office he was suddenly dropped to the ground. A fulling stock had fallen off the rack suspending it and was holding him to the floor with amazing force. The wool quickly burns and the room fills with thick black smoke in an instant. Cid tried fruitlessly to free himself from under the massive weight. Just as his breath was getting short and his coughs becoming more rapid, a bright glow of emerald light burst through the thick cloud of smoke surrounding him. The ring speaks in a booming voice "Cid Jacobs of F'enrik, you have been chosen as the new Green Lantern of Sector 1985."
The previous Green Lantern, Shodrin ja Cathriea of planet Winthra lay in his bed. Shodrin, a nobleman of his homeworld, was resting after contracting a virus that had been gaining a foothold in Winthra. His daughter Lyshora ja Cathriea entered the room and stood by his side. She took a small wet cloth and dabbed it on his forehead and kissed him on the crown of his bald head. Her affection was almost convincing. Since her father had become a Green Lantern she had only grown more jealous as the days became nights. She drew a small knife, used to ritualistically kill bolioch. She remembered her father taking her to catch a bolioch, the huge beast put up an enormous fight. After she had slain the monster, she purified her soul in it's blood, as was the custom of Winthra. Shodrin had been so proud of her. She now, without remorse pulled the knife delicately and purposefully across her fathers aged neck. His paper-thin skin gripped the knife and pooled in blood around it. Now as she attempted to slide the ring off her father's finger, and as he choked on his own blood, her father willed the ring to find a worthy successor and to never allow itself to be wielded by his bloodline again. The ring seemed to pause for a moment at his fingertip before speeding off into the night sky.
Rather than worrying about the fire fast approaching him, Cid was now transfixed by how the ring could speak, let alone fly without wings. This was short lived as his mind was immediately drawn back to the flames as they licked his body. He yelled in pain for the ring to help him. It floated in the air for just a momement. He could only think of one thing to try, he attempted to reach the plank of wood by the door. He could use it as a lever to lift the fulling stock. It was impossible for his arms to reach. As he kept trying, at this futile attempt, a green rope pulled the board over to his hands. Without taking the time to ask himself how this was possible he quickly used the board to lift the stock off himself enough to slide out. As he ran out of the building, and fell to his knees coughing, he noticed the ring was now on his hand. Before he could consider how it got there, we has being pulled through the air, then suddenly the stars themselves at lightning fast speeds. The ring told him he would be taken to Oa for training. As he flew through the heavens, he noticed he was cloaked in an emerald light. He wanted to ask the ring what it was. And much to his suprise the ring answered him immediately. And before he could ask the next question the ring answered informing him that the ring had a mental connection with him. As the trip to Oa continued, Cid asked the ring many questions and remembered each answer precisely. As he approached the glowing gates, he wondered for a moment if he had really died in the fire.
His training was very simplistic he thought, the Guardians had assigned him to train with Green Lantern Mogo, a phantom light projection. Mogo was a small human shaped male, not much taller than Cid. He lead Cid out of Oa towards a dark region of space. They traveled for many hours in almost complete silence. Theys soon approached a massive planet dressed in a giant band of green trees. Mogo was gone. A voice so loud it rattled Cid's core rang through his ears. The voice informed him that the phantom man was just a projection of Mogo, and the planet was indeed the Green Lantern Mogo.
Cid quickly mastered creating simple shapes with his new ring, but the more intricate ones took much longer than normal for him. Mogo would tell him, that he should not worry about all of the complexities and try to figure out every single detail before willing the construct, but rather to just use your emotions and let it exist. Mogo would keep Cid for 3 months while his training took place. Cid almost enjoyed tilling the planet and growing food there, remembering how he hated the farming life of F'enrik. And rather than use his ring to create a home on Mogo, Cid used his ring as a tool, to help him build a temporary home on Mogo. Over the months a very strong friendship evolved between the two lanterns. Neither was sure of their place, Mogo was not very social with the other lanterns, and Cid was an outcast on his homeworld.
When Mogo had completed a rotation, about two weeks, he would allow Cid to return to Oa for short periods of time. While in Oa, accompanied by a hologram projection of Mogo, Cid would spend hours at the book of oa, studying its pages. Guardian Dawhet Hu, would often visit Cid when he was at the book of oa, and offer him words of encouragement. Both Mogo and Cid where unaware that the wise Guardian was doing this in hopes of preventing a terrible future that was not yet set in stone.
After Cid's training was complete, he returned to Mogo to inform his friend that he would be returning to sector 1985, there was what looked like the beginnings of a war between two planets that had recently become space faring and the guardians wanted him to mediate a peace between them. Before Cid could leave, Mogo invited him to his surface. He pointed him to the small clearing Cid had stationed himself at. Mogo had created a magnificent little home. He informed Cid that he would always have a place were he was accepted.
After thanking the giant lantern, Cid started on his way to sector 1985. His mind started to wander, he had a while before he would reach Venlro. How many questions could he ask the ring by the time they arrived there, he thought.

Venlroian WarEdit

After nearly a day of soaring through almost complete blackness speckled with dots of burning light, Venlro was finally within sight. The smooth muddy surface covering the planet nearly in its entirety, was visible through the very thin layer of clouds drifting lethargically in the atmosphere. Cid found a small grassy tract of land to lower himself onto the surface. He began to search the muddy flats for inhabitants. It was completely barren, save for patches of large bulbous plants spread across the edges of the mud banks. He slowly levitated himself from the surface, about to leave the planet, when a sudden thought occurred to him. Cid spoke to the ring, "Ring: Description of species: Venlroian". Suddenly, a loud noise shot off just behind Cid. His ring had protected him from a giant flailing tentacle! He quickly dodged swinging tentacles as he made his way above the giant plants. As he is looking down on them, he suddenly felt very ill. The hynospores were being released by tiny fern-like creatures behind the Venlroian. Cid quickly retreated to the upper atmosphere.
After deciding to return to Venlro later, Cid made his way to Winthra, the nearby planet with which the Venlroian were at war. As he landed outside of a small village, he realized how similar it was to Mogo. Surely this was a place worth protecting, he thought. As he made his way into the small city, he noticed small plants growing along the cobbled streets. They looked exactly like the Venlroian, only much smaller. A small boy's cry drew his attention quickly to a man collapsing in the street. Cid rushed over to help him. The boy showed him their house as Cid carried the boy's father to it. As he was showing Cid out of their home and thanking him for his help, he explained it was only a matter of time. Cid discovered that people all over the planet were losing control of their bodies. They would suddenly fall limp, unable to move under their own power. Cid had decided to inspect the plants growing on the fringes of the city again, but as he made his way there his ring alerted him to a streak in the sky.
The Venlroian were invading Winthra. They fired pop shots at the city as they decended. Cid immediately flew between the Venlroian ships and the city and willed shields to intercept the ammunition. The giant plants filed out of the ship and started grabbing the weakened and sickly villagers and eating them whole. Cid blasts a pair of pruning shears directly at the Venlroian. It was enough distraction to let the villagers escape the city. The plants started entering the homes and eating the Winthraian that were too weak to move. In the middle of this chaos stood a young woman. She overheard what appeared to be the plant commander, telling his troops to find the Green Lantern. Shodrin ja Cathriea made her way to the monstrous plant. She plainly states to the plant that she could deliver the Green Lantern. The commander in shock of the young woman so defiant and determined. She informed him that she would lure the Lantern to the city, the only thing she asked in return was the ring from his hand.
The remains of the village made their way through the forest, disregarding the king's private woodlands. Only when they stopped was Shodrin able to catch up to the villagers. She quickly informed the Green Lantern that her father was stuck in the city and would be eaten along with the others. She said that she would create a distraction while the Green Lantern rescued the villagers. Cid refused her help, it was too dangerous. As he turned to head back to the village, she told him that she would help her father, with or without the Green Lantern. Reluctant, he agreed.
She entered the shop near a small group of Venlroian and began knocking shelves over. The Venlroian went to inspect the noise, and the Green Lantern quickly slipped past them. Cid felt a surge of sudden pain from the base of his spine to the back of his neck, he blacked out. The hypnospores had done their job, and Shodrin's plan had worked.
As he awoke, he noticed his ring had been taken from him, and worse he was now tied up in the village center. A Venlroian grabbed Cid's face and yelled "He will make a delicious snack for the Commander!" The Commander walked to Shodrin and placed the ring in her hand. "Our deal is complete", he said. She triumphantly walked towards Cid and placed her hand on his shoulder. She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "Finally, the ring has returned to it's rightful owner." She slid the ring down her long narrow finger, and just as suddenly a bright flash of light cut a arc in the air, through the rope restraining Cid, and had taken Shodrin's finger. Cid reached out to grab the falling ring from the air. The stunned Venlroians, caught off guard, were quickly driven back to their ships with the blades of a giant green plough just behind them. As the Venlroian retreated, Cid turned to Shodrin. She cursed the Green Lantern, "I killed my father for that ring, it belongs to my family!" He realized that by taking her fathers life, she had saved Cid's. "Now we are even", Cid informed her. Frowning down at her, he flew off into the sky.
No one else knew of the treachery of Shodrin. She was hailed as a savior for assisting the Green Lantern in saving the people of Winthra. She did not have the power of the emerald light, but she now had the power of the people of Winthra behind her.
As Cid left the atmosphere, he created a large green bubble around Winthra. He would allow anything to pass through it, excluding infared radiation, which the ring informed Cid the Venlro needed to survive. Relieved that his first mission had not been a complete failure, Cid flew further away from the star system. As he recovered from this experience, he reflected on how this war had started. He supposed it was not important now.


"I charge this ring with matchless light,
To banish all of evil's blight.
When thousands try to wrong the right,
I shall stand - with Green Lantern's light."

In other mediaEdit

Cid Jacobs originated in Second Life, an Internet-based virtual world video game, developed by Linden Research, Inc.
Cid Jacobs, as well as the entire Green Lantern Core, were featured in New World Notes.


Cid Jacobs is not a cannon character of the DC Universe.

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