The Subcells
General Information
Official name: The Subcells
Created by: Peter Tomasi
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps (Vol 3) #13
Star System: Sto-Oa
Planet: Oa



The Subcells was a location on the planet Oa that was situated separate from the Sciencells. They served as a detention site for prisoners of the Green Lantern Corps. However, the prisoners situated within the Subcells were considered the most dangerous and thus they were separated from the general population within the Sciencells. Such criminals were encased within prison cells shaped in the form of a Green Lantern symbol.

Rise of The Third ArmyEdit

After the War of The Green Lanterns, the Guardians of the Universe determined that their Green Lanterns had failed in their mission and thus intended to replace them with The Third Army. This plan was being done in secret and saw an unknown agent entering into the Subcells where they freed the criminal Xar from confinement.


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