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General Information
Planets: Kahlo
White Lantern(s): TBA
Red Lantern(s): TBA
Orange Lantern(s): TBA
Sinestro Corps Member(s): TBA
Green Lantern(s): Orlan
Blue Lantern(s): TBA
Indigo Tribe Member(s): TBA
Star Sapphire(s): TBA
Black Lantern(s): TBA



Space Sector 3897 was one of the Space Sectors into which the Guardians of the Universe had divided the universe. Each Space Sector was assigned a member of the Green Lantern Corps, who was responsible for its safety and wellbeing.

Green Lantern CorpsEdit

The Green Lantern officer of sector 3897 is named Orlan of the planet Kahlo. The Guardians once sent Green Lantern Hal Jordan on a mission to assist Orlan in 3897 when one of Kahlo's major cities, Kymera, was destroyed. Against the better judgment of the Guardians, Jordan chose to bring the Phantom Stranger along with him to offer further assistance.



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