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General Information
Planets: Ryut
White Lantern(s): TBA
Red Lantern(s): Atrocitus
Orange Lantern(s): TBA
Sinestro Corps Member(s): TBA
Green Lantern(s): Morro
Blue Lantern(s): TBA
Indigo Tribe Member(s): TBA
Star Sapphire(s): TBA
Black Lantern(s): TBA



Space Sector 0666 is one of 3600 Space Sectors into which the Guardians of the Universe divided the universe. Each Space Sector was assigned one, and later two, members of the Green Lantern Corps, who are responsible for its safety and well being. The same system is used for members of the Sinestro Corps.


  • Coming Soon


  • No large planetary life remained after The Manhunters murdered everyone in this Space Sector millions of years ago. The Space Sector was recently home to the Black Lantern Corps

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