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Sinestro Batman The Brave and The Bold
General Information
Real name: Sinestro
Media: Batman: The Brave and The Bold
Portrayed by: Xander Berkeley (Voice)
Equipment: Green Lantern Power Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Transportation: Flight



Sinestro is a supervillain and the archenemy of Green Lantern. Born on the planet Korugar, Sinestro was an anthropologist who was given his power ring by a dying alien, similar to his future nemesis Hal Jordan. Once a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro helped train then rookie Hal. But in time, he became corrupted by his use of the power ring, going so far as to attack an invasion fleet even after they surrendered and establishing a puppet government on another world. Imprisoned by the Guardians, Sinestro showed his true colors when he attempted to blow up fellow Green Lantern Mogo, a living planet, in order to save the Earth from Despero. He was stopped by Guy Gardener and imprisoned in Guy's power ring.

Powers and Abilities

  • Coming Soon


Season One

  • "The Eyes of Despero!"

Season Three

  • "Joker: The Vile and The Villainous!"

Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Volume 1)

  • Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Vol 1) #19



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Earth Three

Earth Three Sinestro Batman The Brave and The Bold

Earth Three Sinestro



Yellow Lantern is the Earth 3 version of the rogue Green Lantern Corps member Sinestro. On Earth Three, Sinestro was born on the planet Korugar and grew to become a fearful warrior. His aptitudes made Sinestro a prime candidate for the Yellow Lantern Corps. As a Yellow Lantern, he was assigned Space Sector 1417 where he began to believe he was never above the law. In order to protect the innocent, he would follow the rules. Red Hood was able to communicate with the Yellow Lanterns for help. They sent their best, Sinestro. On top of the Crime Syndicates base, the heroes fought the crime syndicate but were eventually over powered. Yellow Lantern was one of the men who was knocked out and placed into a prison cell, presumably to await execution until the final member, Red Hood could be caught. When Batman freed him and the other heroes, Yellow Lantern fought the micro sized villain Dyna Mite. Although the miniature menace initially got the jump on him, Yellow Lantern eventually trapped him in a bubble of yellow energy and sent him flying towards Scarlet Scarab knocking them both out cold.


Season One

  • "Deep Cover for Batman!"


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