Sector House of Sector 2263
General Information
Official name: Sector House of Sector 2263
First Appearance: Sinestro Corps. War: Chapter Two
Type: Orbital Structure
Used by: Green Lantern Corps



The Sector House was seen during the beginning of the Sinestro Corps. War after the Sinestro's ambush of Oa. A number of Sinstro Corpsmen were chasing a group of fleeing Green lanterns tot he Sector House, where the Green Lanterns hoped to get reinforcements. Unfortunately, a large number of Green lanterns had apparently been there, but all had been viciously slaughtered, and all that awaited the three remaining lanterns were a number of other Sinestros, who quickly fell upon the Lanterns, killing them all to a man. The ultimate fate of the sector house itself is unknown, though it is likely to have been destroyed.


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