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Compassion Entity
General Information
Real name: Proselyte
First Appearance: Green Lantern #52
Created by: Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke
Affiliations: Indigo Tribe
Partner: Formerly:
Kyle Rayner
Shane Thompson
Abilities: Compassion



Proselyte was formed after the Life Entity entered into the Universe with that act bringing about the creation of sentient life throughout the barren cosmos. After interning itself on Earth, the various lifeforms generated by the Entity led to the birth of the Emotional Spectrum. One of the last emotions to be formed was Compassion which in turn led to the creation of Proselyte who serves as the Emotional Embodiment of Compassion in the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The Brightest Day

When Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Sinestro uncovered the White Lantern Central Power Battery, each of them attempted to move it but failed. This led to all three attempting to move the White Lantern Power Battery which caused a surge of energy and apparitions in the form of the resurrected Earth heroes to appear. Among their number was Aquaman who told Hal Jordan to "find them". When Jordan asked who he was referring to, Aquaman repeated the statement and declared the names of the various Embodiments of the Emotional Spectrum namely the Predator Entity, The Butcher, Adara, Ophidian, the Ion Entity and Proselyte. Whilst the search for the Entities continued, the Proselyte Entity was revealed to be among the members of the Indigo Tribe who arrived on Earth where they found a wounded human by the name of Shane Thompson. The leader of the Tribe namely Indigo herself marked Thompson as the new host of the Compassion Entity who traveled to Michigan to join with the New Guardians. However, Hal Jordan and his allies' suspicions of possible brainwashing by the Tribe of its members led to a standoff until the arrival of a mysterious being that seemingly was in command of Parallax who took possession of The Flash.

Powers and Abilities


  • Proselyte is compassion incarnate, with all of compassion's power at its disposal. Unlike the indigo tribe members, Proselyte can utilize multiple spectrum wavelengths simultaneously.


  • Coming Soon


  • In Green Lantern #54 we are told the true name of the Compassion Entity, Proselyte.

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