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The Lightsmiths were a group that formed in the universe prior to the current one. During this time, groups developed that managed to tap into the wellspring of power created by the Emotional Spectrum. It was not known which group had first tapped into the light except that in time each managed to utilize a specific spectrum from this reservoir. With this power, a golden age was formed where everything was created through the use of light. It was during this time that a scientist that became known as Relic believed that this was not an infinite energy source. He argued that excessive use of this power would exhaust it and bring about cataclysmic disaster. However, the Lightsmiths dismissed his findings and believed that he simply desired that they abandon the tools that had brought about enlightenment in favor of more primitive technology. This led to Relic embarking on a quest to find proof of this theory and began travelling the universe. His warnings eventually came to pass when the blue light began to weaken in the time known as The Dimming. This proved that the Emotional Spectrum was a finite source of power and led to the various Lightsmiths fighting one another to acquire this diminishing resource. With the Emotional Spectrum depleted, the universe ended and the Lightsmiths were destroyed. The only survivor of the era of the Lightsmiths was Relic who became encased within The Anomaly and passed into the next universe.

Light's OutEdit

Following the destruction of the prior universe, a new one was formed where the Life Entity was brought into it. This sparked the creation of life in this new cosmos where the Emotional Spectrum was re-established. In this era, the Guardians of the Universe with the aid of Volthoom tapped into this wellspring of energy. They began to make use of this energy as a tool to bring about order in the cosmos where they created the Green Lantern Corps. In time, various Corps began to forge their own Power Rings that made use of their own spectrum of the light. As a result, the various Corps began to follow a similar path as the long dead Lightsmiths. After the defeat of the First Lantern, Kyle Rayner with the Templar Guardians accidently awakened Relic from within the Anomaly. Upon his awakening, he was shocked to discover that this new universe had its own version of the Lightsmiths. Remembering the tragedy that ended his world, he decided to eliminate them in order to prevent a similar disaster from befalling this new cosmos.



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