Green Lantern
Hal Jordan Super Friends
General Information
Real name: Hal Jordan
Media: Super Friends
Portrayed by: Michael Rye (Voice)
Equipment: Green Lantern Power Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Transportation: Flight



Hal Jordan was a test pilot who was taken to a crash-landed spaceship by an energy beam that surrounded his pilot simulator. The energy beam came from a dying humanoid alien named Abin Sur, who was the protector of space that was Earth's solar system. He passed on his energy ring and power battery to Hal, saying that the ring has power over everything except the color yellow. Hal promised he will use this power for the cause of justice, calling himself Green Lantern.

Super FriendsEdit

He eventually joined the Super Friends and participated in some of their adventures, taking on a former member of the Green Lantern Corps named Sinestro, who was given a yellow energy ring to counter Hal's green energy ring, and became a member of the Legion of Doom.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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