Green Lantern #13
Green Lantern Vol 5-13 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 5)
Issue Number: 13
First Published: October 3, 2012
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #12
Next Issue: Green Lantern #14

Synopsis for "Actions and Reactions"Edit

Green Lantern Vol 5-13 Cover-2

Green Lantern (Volume 5) Issue #13 Cover-2

At the White House, *Amanda Waller briefs President Obama about the Green Lanterns of Earth. She also says that a fifth Lantern, Simon Baz, has been chosen. Waller is wondering why did a Green Lantern chose someone as Simon as its wielder, as Simon is a presumed terrorist. The President tells Waller to inform the Justice League. Simon awakens alone on the Florida Keys. His ring suddenly plays out a message from Hal Jordan and Sinestro. The message is corrupted, but Hal and Sinestro tell the current wielder to find Carol Ferris and Arkillo. Also, they says that whoever is wielding the ring must stop the Guardians. The ring grants Simon a Green Lantern uniform, unlocking the ability to fly. On Cuba, Franklin Fed decides to take a plane and return to his home at Maryland when he receives a call from Waller, who tells him that Simon has been located in the Florida Keys. Simon returns to Dearborn, Michigan. Meanwhile, Sira has been taken to her workplace by her father, who agrees to take care of her son. Sira's co-workers look at her awkwardly. Her boss is forced to temporarily suspend her from work, given that the employees feel uncomfortable due to the charges Sira's brother is facing. Shortly afterwards, Sira finds Simon in an alley. Although she is surprised that Simon is a Green Lantern, she is also upset due to the things Simon has done. Although Simon feels guilty for abandoning his family. He also feels guilty for the accident that left his brother-in-law, Nazir, braindead. However, he also believes that the ring chose him for a reason. Simon asks Sira for an opportunity to set things right and Sira tells him to meet him in their old school tonight. As Sira walks away, she begins dialing up on her phone. Meanwhile in a highway, a truck is attacked by Third Army soldiers, who assimilate the driver and the passenger into soldiers. At night, Simon goes to his old school and climbs to the rooftop. To prevent security cameras from watching him, he uses the ring to create a mask. Suddenly, he is surrounded by the Justice League.

Appearing in "Actions and Reactions"Edit

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  • None Known


  • The Line ("Earth’s new Green Lantern battles The Justice League!") appeared in the first version of the DC Comics Issue #13 Solicitations for this Issue.


  • Coming Soon


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