The Void Hound
General Information
Real name: Erdammeru
First Appearance: JLA#111 (April 2005)
Created by: Kurt Busiek
Ron Garney
Affiliations: Qwardians
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: None



Upon the creation of the Anti-Matter Universe, the dark counterparts of the planet Oa and the Guardians of the Universe were formed. Based on their home planet of Qward, the Qwardians eventually came to believe in a powerful deity in their religion which was a god of destruction in their universe and was known as Erdammeru. This dark god was said to had stalked the stars in a neverending search to devour them, it was only the neophilithic crusts of the world of Qward which saved that civilization from the deity's hunger.

Known to be a savage spirit of Qward which was free to both hunt and fight. It was the all devourer, a creature of shadow whose ferocity inspired Humans to hunt the creature only to fail. Never managing to tame the fabled Void Hound, the act only gave him a drive and hunger. This led to the entity being worshipped by the Qwardian race.

The Void HoundEdit

The fearsome destruction brought by Erdammeru meant that it was the goal of the Qwardians to create a mechanical superweapon that matched its destructive power. This led to the development of the warship known as the Void Hound whose effectiveness was so great that it led to the Qwardians to believe at one point that they had enslaved the mind of the god itself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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