Demolition Team
Demolition Team
General Information
Leader(s): Formerly:
Former Members: Hardhat
Status: Inactive



A highly skilled team of professional mercenaries outfitted with high tech equipment, the Demolition Team will take on any assignment if the price is right. Nothing is known of the various members or how they came together. The team has had many success but has met several defeats at the hands of the Predator, as well as the Blood Pack and Black Condor. The Demolition Team was not long lived, though they did inspire a knockoff villain group called the Toolbox. The team entered a lull after that; Steamroller was part of a government team during the Imperiex assault.

Infinite Crisis

Most of the team was killed by OMACs during the events of the OMAC Project, but Hardhat took part in the Battle of Metropolis. However, Hardhat fell out of reality some time after, and was found in Limbo later.


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In Other Media

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