Orange Lantern
General Information
Real name: Blume
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Vol 4) #39
Created by: Geoff Johns
Philip Tan
Affiliations: Orange Lantern Corps
Black Lantern Corps
Sector: Space Sector 2751
Home Planet: Blobba
Partner: TBA
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



A Monstrous Orange Lantern


Blume is one of Agent Orange's monstrous Orange Lanterns. He acts as Larfleeze's sentry and roams The Vega System protecting that which rightfully his. Long ago, the being known as Blume made his way to the Forest of Weeds on Okaara. Entering the Palace of Larfleeze, he was eventually killed and consumed by the orange light, and made a member of the Orange Lantern Corps. Blume himself would eventually consume others, such as Glomulus.

Agent Orange

When Larfleeze declared the treaty between himself and the Guardians of the Universe null and void, he decided to send the Guardians a message. When Stel was pursuing a member of the Sinestro Corps, Blume was sent to consume the Sinestro and brand Stel, knowing he would be recovered by the Green Lantern Corps and returned to Oa.

Blume was also one of The Orange Lanterns unleashed by Larfleeze to confront and destroy The Guardians of The Universe and The Green Lantern Corps when they came to arrest Larfleeze for his crimes.

Powers and Abilities


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